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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Closer every day.

"How long until we bring Heart home?"

Since Weston asks this question at least once a day, I decided I needed to come up with a better answer than "we don't know" or "we just have to wait". It always sounded so negative and he was never satisfied with my response. So now I'm trying to put a positive spin on things by saying "We are closer to her every day!". It doesn't make the wait any shorter but it does seem to make a difference in how he (and I) feel when that question comes up. And it's true, we really are closer every day!

Lately, Brooks is showing signs of understanding that somebody else will be joining our family. I asked him the other day if we should let his little sister use his carseat and get him a new one when she comes home. His response made me smile (aside from the selfishness of not sharing his seat- he is 2) because he said "No! I use my seat. Heart gets a new one!" It made me smile because it was the first time he called her Heart completely on his own.

Brooks calling her Heart leads me to another topic; which is a question I get asked from time to time. "So are you really naming her Heart?" As precious as it is that Weston gave her such a sweet nickname, we do not plan for that to be her name. :) We do have a couple of names in mind that will reflect his nickname for her but we are waiting to officially choose one until we know exactly who she is. So for now, she is our Heart.

We have been busy busy lately as we prepare for Weston to start kindergarten and Nathan to move into private practice next week. Being busy helped make the wait for our U.S. government approval seem a little less painful. The unexpected shorter wait time may have helped too. We submitted our I-800A in mid June and thought we would be waiting 50-60 days to get approval. My hope was to be approved before my birthday at the end of August. Much to our surprise, we received approval on July 23rd which was just 37 days after we submitted our application!

So now I get to set a new birthday goal and this will be a BIG step forward. We are hoping to have all of documents on their way to China (aka DTC- documents to China) by my birthday. There are a few things that have to happen with our documents before they are ready but if all goes smoothly, being DTC by the end of August is feasible. I am very ready to have all of these important papers out of my hands.